Coaching is a key strategy for reaching goals, and achieving excellence and success. It is used by executives, professionals and athletes. It can be effective in strengthening personal power, personal and professional development, and overall performance. Coaching is about setting clear goals or objectives and taking deliberate steps to achieve those goals. My job as your coach is to provide strategies, tips, tools and accountability as you work towards your goals and implement new ways of being.  My goal is to help you live a life that is filled with awe, wonder and in embracement of all that life has to offer. 

We offer 45 minute sessions.

Life Coaching: Individual, Couples, Groups

Executive Coaching: C-Level Corporate Executives, Boards of Directors, High-Potential Employees

Relationship Coaching: Conflict, Divorce, Effective Communication, Emotional Wellness, Stress Management

Transition Coaching: Career Changes, Veterans, Empty-Nesters, Recently Unemployed, Other Life Transitions

Meet with Marie: 45 minute sessions.     Call 714-381-2266 to schedule a session.