I have dedicated more than half of my life to the field of counseling; accumulating many years of experience offering counseling to individuals across a broad cultural spectrum within a variety of settings. I have a MS degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and am PhD-C status in Clinical Psychology. In addition, I am a Life-Strategist Coach and have completed additional work to assist trauma victims.

Having experience in both Clinical and Industrial/Organizational Psychology affords me the opportunity to work in both these categories, separate and/or combined. This often allows for a very successful cross over from one field into the other, especially where a trusting relationship already exists between the client and myself. I work with individuals, groups, couples, adolescents and organizations.

                   Marie Y. Seltz, PhD-C, MS

                   Marie Y. Seltz, PhD-C, MS

I see clients in person at our Clayton office and also work remotely using phone therapy and Skype when possible. This makes it possible for us to continue our work out of town and out of the country when circumstances require it.

My goal in therapy and in coaching is to help you gain insight and make lasting changes in your life that improve your personal and professional life experience, increase your vitality and joy for living, and create honest, authentic relationships.

Real, meaningful change can happen for you. I believe everyone can grow and heal. If you believe this too, we can work together.