Career counseling begins with co-creating a Career Action Plan (CAP). Initial individual sessions will last around 60-90 minutes, which entails an intake evaluation of a series of career-related questions. During this session an outline of steps will be developed to tackle the career problem at hand.

After CAP, Devin supports individuals throughout the entire road map in understanding their career objectives and figuring out ways to obtain them. Career Counseling is highly personalized and the number of meeting times can vary from person-to-person.

Why seek career counseling?

  • Learn more about yourself:
    • Gain awareness and knowledge of self by assessing interests, abilities/transferable skills, values, and personality as they relate to career choices
    • Explore and integrate gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, spirituality, culture, disabilities, and/or social/familial influences into career choices
    • Explore life styles, sense of meaning, and contributions to society
  • Gain education and vocational information:
    • Identify and become familiar with various educational and career-related resources (i.e. internet, printed materials)
    • Gather, summarize, and process information about occupations as they relate to nature of work, working conditions, job market, world and US job trends, employment outlook, earnings and salary, educational/academic training, and related occupations
    • Gather, summarize, and process information about academic options and college requirements
    • Generate career options and alternative plans as needed
  • Learn about career planning:
    • Clarify and set realistic and achievable goals
    • Develop and implement an action plan related to a career path
    • A career counselor can assist you to develop coping skills to manage anxiety, deal with rejections, disappointments, grieving issues, lack of confidence, stress, and/or depression associated with career choices, among others.
  • Conduct a job search:
    • Learn how to write resumes, curriculum vitas, and job search letters
    • Learn how to put together a career portfolio
    • Practice mock interviews addressing strengths and areas of growth
    • Learn how to do informational interviews
    • Learn how and when to disclose a disability and/or ask for reasonable accommodations
    • And MANY MORE!! Please contact us for information or to suggest a topic.
  • Please call 714-381-2266 to arrange your session.